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Who We Are

As an affiliate of NAM & NAM IP Law Firm that has led the Korean patent industry for over half a century since it was founded in 1952, it provides professional environmental consulting services for not only response to chemical regulations for advancement into overseas chemical industries of domestic clients but also chemical projects of multinational corporations in Korea.

Since we started the EU REACH response service for overseas companies as a major area of business in 2008, our company have represented 120 clients, conducted tasks in pre-registration and registration of about 2,000 kinds of chemicals, and provides services to 500 corporate clients in response to chemical regulations of the 5 major foreign trade partners, which are U.S., Japan, Europe, China and Taiwan.

We have reported and registered over 1,000 kinds of new chemicals according to the domestic Toxic Chemicals Control Act and Act of Registration, Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances, and have successfully completed the representative registration of about 40 of the 510 kinds of existing chemicals subject to registration, which is the first joint registration in accordance with Act of Registration, Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances. We have also preemptively reported over 1,000 kinds of existing chemicals and are currently preparing for the second joint registration of 2019.

Moreover, we offer one-stop consulting services, including the writing of GHS and MSDS,
constant consulting on MSDS program and chemicals-related laws,
research on environmental regulations and
laws in major countries and development of
chemical management solutions.

Our company always strives to evolve.
Just as we have grown thanks to your support,
we wish to continue to develop
by contributing to the success of our clients.

Thank you.

NAM & NAM International Co., Ltd.