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EU REACH ( Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemicals )

EU REACH ( Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemicals )

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    Integrated chemicals control system specifying the registration, evaluation, authorization, restriction, etc. of chemicals within the EU

  • 02

    2018-05-31: Registration is mandatory when importing or manufacturing over 1 ton annually within the EU, as the pre-registration period has expired

  • 03

    “Inquiry to ECHA” procedure mandatory to check Substance Identification Profile (SIP) for substances without pre-registration

EU REACH registration procedure; (Since 2018.05.31)

Substances to register

Where any of the following applies and over 1 ton is exported annually, export throughout Europe is possible through the EU REACH registration.

Subjects of EU REACH registration
Mono-constituent substance A chemical element and its compound (over 1 ton annually) either obtained in its natural state containing additives needed to maintain stability and impurities generated during processes used or acquired in a manufacturing process. A chemical element and its compounds in their natural states or obtained by any manufacturing process, including any additive necessary to preserve its stability and any impurity derived from the process used
Multi-constituent substance Discrete substance (over 1 ton annually) in a mixed substance composed of 2 or more substances. A mixture or solution composed of two or more substances
Polymer A mono-constituent substance over 1 ton annually that contains over 2% (w/w) of monomer or starting substance combined with polymers
Article Articles are exempt from registration, but the substances intentionally discharged from completed products (over 1 ton annually) are subject to registration

OR (Only Representative )

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    A natural or legal person within the EU that fulfills the obligations under EU REACH on behalf of a manufacturer outside the EU

  • 02

    NAM & NAM Europe GmbH (Dortmund, Germany), established in 2008, and the Only Representative (OR) currently in operation

NNI Europe Office introduction

NAM & NAM Service

  • Operation of consulting and training programs for response to EU REACH

  • Implementation of Only Representative (OR) within the EU

    Consulting and representative work for EU REACH registration

    - Preparation and submission of inquiry

    - Preparation and submission of registration dossier (TD & CSR)

    - Operation of SIEF for negotiation on sharing of materials with the consortium (LR) and LR registration

    - Post-registration maintenance including supply network management and forwarding of information

  • Service for implementing support duties for tasks in accordance with post-registration evaluation, permissions, and restrictions

  • SVHC Notification in completed products

  • 3rd-party representative (TPR) service